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1,389 Properties Auctioned in a Single Day with Coldwell Banker in 5 FL Projects

Judy Rae Miller

Judy Rae Miller


Estate Liquidation of 1,389 Properties @ Sebring, Florida



Mickey Miller had developed over 2,500 properties in Sebring Lakes &


Lake Placid, Florida. His estate is being liquidated by his son, Steve


Miller. Steve & his wife, Judy, were then owners of the Coldwell


Banker Real Estate office, title and mortgage companies. The estate


consists of: a 45,788 square foot warehouse & a commercial office


building. In addition, there are land tracts and homesites as follows: 


6 commercial land tracts totaling 55 acres, 101 acre and a quarter lots,


100 villa/duplex lots, 5 MH lots, 27 eighty foot lots and 1,148 forty foot


lots.  All 1,389 properties sold & closed ! Guaranteed Seller Financing is


being offer at: 30% down, 70% LTV, 8.5% fixed rate, 5 year balloon


with a 10 year amortization schedule. Steve decided to commission our


services after he witnessed our success with Frank Mackle, III (the


Mackle Brothers sold 31,000 condos & houses; and sold 50,000


homesites in a single year – a World Record


www.themacklecompany.com ).




Judy Rae Miller


Judy Miller is http://heathrowrealty.com/judy_miller_bio.htm


associated with Heathrow Realty. Geno Paolucci & Ted Glasrud were


the Developers of Heathrow, Florida.




Our staff in one a many ballrooms across America on auction day (from back to front & left to right) Daniel M. Parkman, Sr., Nic Daugente, Scott, Frank Provenzano, Chip, Hank, Drew Padula, Tom, Bruce, Klaus & Dean. Annette, Jan Landry, Marie, Virginia Oros, Shelly, Narcine, Kim & Lisa.



Ever wonder what 1,389 Sold Properties looks like @ auction ?

Answer: the Available Board is Empty !


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