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Since, WE THE PEOPLE, the Citizens of the U.S.A. own 80% of AIG, WE THE PEOPLE choose to exercise our rights as majority stock holders of the most Corrupt Corporation in U.S. & Global history by firing all Executives from the Chairman/CEO to every Board Member and their assistants and secretaries !!! Then we shall freeze their assets Corporate, personal and hidden off shore in Swiss Bank accounts etc. Incarcerate all of theses AIG “Characters” who have embarrassed WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, along with the entire staffs of: Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s and Madoff & Stanford (AND ALL PAST, & MOSTLY STILL PRESENT, SEC AUDITORS and THEIR SUPERVISORS & REGULATORS ALL THE WAY UP TO THE CHAIRWOMAN SCHAPIRO) et al; and of course they can share the same jail cells in Guantanamo / Club Gitmo along with the 300 9-11 Terrorists OR Obama is welcome to invite all 300 of his newly found Guantanamo/Club Gitmo friends who are all “harmless” to be ROOMMATES @ , WE THE PEOPLE’S white house along with HIS family !!! Further, WE THE PEOPLE shall auction off every single asset of AIG’s and of these AIG Characters !!! It seems to me that this is the most effective, effecient, transparent methodology known to man to establish today’s true fair market values for ANY & ALL assets is the absolute open public out cry auction !!! In fact, in EVERY, (ok FREE Countries that actually allow WE THE PEOPLE to exercise our “Braveheart-Mel Gibson’s FREEDOM(S)), Country Forbes 400, Fortune 500 and Government of the 7 Continents DEMAND an Absolute Public Outcry Auction DAILY. WE THE PEOPLE (of the USA & the GLOBE) call these daily events where Stocks, Bonds and Government(s) Debts/Treasury Bills/Loans are sold @ absolute auction WALL STREET or it’s Global equivilant.

This METHODOLOGY seemed to work QUITE WELL for Bill Seidman , Chairman of the RTC. He cleaned up 1,000 banks, financial institutions and Savings & Loans in a couple of years after liquidating the U.S. $400 Billion  (1995 dollars) in “Toxic Assets” in record time ! Let’s place Mr. Seidman back on his RTC throne and let him clean up this mess again = an RTC2 Sequal !!!


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