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BIO of Daniel M. Parkman, Sr. – Palm Beach The Hamptons Washington, D.C. ACK Boston NYC Atlanta Caribbean Kona Chicago Vegas Napa Canada


Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.

Palm Beach, The Hamptons, Washington, D.C., Boston, NYC, Napa, Houston, Phoenix, Vegas, Atlanta,

Kona, Miami, ACK, Chicago, Tahoe, Greenwich,

Canada & The Caribbean


DMParkmanSr@gmail.com                                                                                         DMParkmanSr@Hotmail.com     DMParkmanSr@yahoo.com                                                                                                                                      DMParkman@gmail.com

Website: http://www.UeberGlobal.com 


BIO: www.DanielParkman.wordpress.com/about/

Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.

Palm Beach, The Hamptons, Washington, D.C., Boston, NYC, Napa, Houston, Phoenix, Vegas, Atlanta,

Kona, Miami, ACK, Chicago, Tahoe, Greenwich,

Canada & The Caribbean

 DMParkmanSr@gmail.com                                                                                         DMParkmanSr@Hotmail.com     DMParkmanSr@yahoo.com                                                                                                                                      DMParkman@gmail.com
Website: http://www.UeberGlobal.com



BIO: www.DanielParkman.wordpress.com/about/

I have sold 1,389 properties in a single day with Coldwell Banker at auction

with Judy Rae & Stephen L. Miller, then owners of the CB franchise in Lake

Placid, Florida http://heathrowrealty.com/judy_miller_bio.htm. Our

teams have joint ventured exit strategies with some of the Country’s largest

Builders, Developers, Brokers, Receivers, Trustees, Executors, and

Financial Institutions. Our associates/staff have auctioned in excess of

U.S. $12 Billion in Ultra luxury realty & assets in the Western Hemisphere

from the Caribbean to Hawaii and from Mexico to Canada. This includes in

excess of a million acres of land, the 25,000 acre LaJitas Resort

http://www.lajitas.com/history.html (see the second to last sentence), golf,

ocean front, ranches, 45,000 sq.ft. warehouse, office buildings, commercial,

7,000 luxury condos an4/10/2009Friday, April 10, 2009d the largest manse in Charleston, SC, The Calhoun

Mansion (sold 2 weeks prior to our auction) www.calhounmansion.net ,

with over 24,000 square feet owned by Gedney Howe, III who is admitted to

practice law before the Supreme Court of the United States

www.gedneyhowelaw.com . I have been entrenched in International real

estate for over 30 years and have worn several top hats. Therefore, I have

significant resources at my disposal in the world of realty and finance

depending upon your needs & requirements. Put another way: “World

Class Assets – World Class Solutions”.

Our associates/staff  were the first in the World to conduct a Luxury Real

Estate Auction over the Internet in 1995 for a $2M Oceanfront Manse in

Rehoboth Beach, DE www.rehoboth.com .  I have co-pioneered the

simultaneous auctioning of Multiple Projects/Portfolios/Assets owned by

Multiple Individuals/Entities/Developers/Institutions. This has been

achieved by leveraging the economies of scale and offering simultaneously

from 2-3-4-5-6 or 7 + Projects/Portfolios under a single/same day auction

event’s umbrella. Thus, casting a substantially wider net by attracting

across the Western Hemisphere and Globally interested parties to our

Extravaganza Events. This in turn maximizes the interest level from afar

and commands the peak response thus enhancing the revenue streams for

the subject portfolios assets @ auction. In addition, I co-pioneered the pre-

auction sales program wherein, we have sold out 12% – 55% – 85% – 100%

of the entire Portfolios/Projects/Assets inventories prior to auction day with

20% down non-refundable deposits, with NO contingencies, close a week

prior to auction and if the buyer(s) do not close then we simply retain their

deposit as liquidated damages and auction the asset(s) anyway (and I have

never had a 20% non-refundable deposit walked away from a pre-auction


Past clients include:

(America’s largest Mutual Fund)

Lennar www.lennar.com (America’s #1 Builder) & John D. MacArthur

Families www.macfound.org ($7 Billion Charitable Trust)

  • Dean Witter, III

(Neil Cavuto of Fox TV interviewed Dean Witter, III for Carmel,CA sale)

World’s largest cruise ship conglomerate & operator of 90 Resorts)

and www.lbfmiami.com

  • Forbes 400 Southamptonite & Bocaite Leslie Alexander owner of

the Houston Rockets we sold The Vanderbilt Estate to at auction

with more than 900 real estate offices and nearly 36,000 sales

associates in more than 40 Countries and combined sales volume of

all affiliate real estate companies of approximately U.S. $ 128 Billion

annually,  a subsidiary of the World’s Largest Auction House with 85

offices in 43 Countries with annual sales of U.S. $5.1 Billion

  • Frank Mackle, III of the Mackle Brothers/General

Development/Deltona Corp (World record holder having

sold 50,000 homesites in a single year) www.themacklecompany.com

  • Charles Ross, past member of Holland & Knight of St. Pete, FL

www.hklaw.com (World’s Top 10 Law Firm)

  • Peter Rummell, CEO of St. Joe Land Company (largest private land

owner in Florida owned a million  acres) www.joe.com &

Disney www.disney.com & Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus Companies


  • Sanford Sigoloff of KB Homes 28 years Board of Directors


  • Jeff Lodder & Richard Monprode of Hovsons/Hovchild

(K. Hovnanian family) www.khov.com

  • U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Tampa District Judge Alex Paskay

LJ Hooker of Australia – (America’s largest bankruptcy in U.S. history

at that time) worked thru a $1 Billion L J Hooker bankruptcy with

Steve Golub of Proskauer, Rose , Goetz & Mendolson of NYC

Steele of www.woodsideplantation.com

luxury condos

  • Vivian DuBose & Ed Noble of Noble Properties – developers of

www.lenoxsquare.com , www.phippsplaza.com ,

www.atlantafinancialcenter.com and www.buckheadhotelatlanta.com

  • Vic Schroeder, VP of Noble Properties was the Head of U.S.

President Ronald Reagan’s Synthetic Energies Department with an

$84 Billion Dollar budget, built the first enclosed mall in America &

the World’s first Chick-fil-A for S. Truett Cathywww.truettcathy.com

  • Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, U.S. Senator & Congressman Lloyd

Bentsen, Jr.  –  Lloyd was most notorious for his squaring off debate

with Dan Quayle during their candidacies as The Vice President of

the United States. Lloyd said “You are no Jack Kennedy.”


  • Norman & Nancy Brinker, CEO of Brinker International

www.brinker.com 1,700 restaurants (including Chili’s , Steak & Ale

Macaroni Grill, & On the Border) 125,000 associates in 27 Countries.

Norm was the CEO of Burger King. Nancy’s sister Susan B. Komen

died of breast cancer and thus launched the Susan B. Komen

Charitable Foundation.

  • John Hill, Jr., past managing director of Raymond James Tampa


  • J. Duncan Smith, CEO – Sinclair Broadcasting Group www.sbgi.net
  • Gedney Howe, III who is admitted to practice law before The

Supreme Court of the United States www.gedneyhowelaw.com

  • Nelson Bunker Hunt Bankruptcy – tried to corner the silver market

………..just to name a few of our associates/staff’s past clients.

In addition, I have completed Ultra Luxury Consultations for the

Forbes 400, Fortune 500, Conglomerates, Empires, Captain’s of

Industries, Private/Public/Governments Sectors, Mutual Funds, Hedge

Funds, Receivers, Trustees, Executors, Work Out & Turn Around

Specialists.  Two examples of thousands:

  • Karl Kehrmann, V.P. of V.W. of Europe, had owned the Atlantic

Ocean frontage including 900 linear feet. The Atlantic Ocean is your

front yard ant the Intracoastal waterway in your back yard.

Manalapan is one of the most exclusive zip codes in all of America.

The subject land tract was adjacent to the La Coquille project that

has become the Palm Beach Ritz Carlton (following mention in

this letter of introduction). However, Karl ultimately sold this asset to

Frank McKinney, the Maverick of Ultra Luxury in Palm Beach

www.frank-mckinney.com . Frank has completed the Acqua Liana

$29 Million Spec Manse a slice of this land. For the balance of land

McKinney has multiple plans for a $135 Million dollar manse to enjoy

520 linear feet of Atlantic Oceanfront including 5.5 acres. I had

consulted with McKinney’s associate, Clark French, regarding our

various Ultra Luxury Platforms for Frank’s Boca specs.

  • Aubrey Horsford, Chief of Staff with Mel & Bre Simon

www.simon.com , had been responsible for the major renovations to

The Commodore Vanderbilt’s Estate @ 1100 S. Ocean Blvd,

Manalapan. Mel had acquired the manse for U.S. $3M and remodeled

the manse for $5M. Mel later sold the manse to William Randolph

Hearst, III for $35M. Aubrey was a gentleman from Grenada and was

seeking help for his personal purchase of a home in WPB,FL. He

soon found himself in a lawsuit for “block busting/discrimination”.

So his attorney retained my services @ DeBartolo Financial to fund

Aubrey’s mortgage which we gladly did. In the following “Palm

Beach Roots” you shall find further mention of my family

associations with the Ritz/Simon Family.

I had maintained Florida offices over the years @ Worth Avenue – 323 Via

de Mario, Palm Beach 33480; 1001 Alternate U.S. Highway, Suit 710 @ the

Jupiter Inlet and 639 East Ocean Ave. Suite 103 at the Boynton Beach


Our seasoned veteran staff are members of NAI, AARE, CAI, CCIM, CREA,

GRI, TCN, ICSC, NAHB, NAR, FAA and  NAA to name a few.  We are

amongst the most sought after in our industry and respective fields of

expertise. We shall continue to pioneer and create, explore and implement

new technologies.

Government Institutions that our associates/staff have joint ventured with

and significantly impacted include: the RTC (Chaired by Bill Seidman

where he created the RTC team of 8,000 associates – closed over 1,000

banks and auctioned U.S. $400 Billion (1995 dollars) in failed Savings and

Loans assets. Bill also Chaired FDIC-  he is currently CNBC TV’s Chief

Commentator, Publisher of Bank Director Magazine, and a director of

Fiserv and U.S. Order, Inc.  http://www.cnbc.com/id/24779474 ), FDIC,

FSLIC, HUD, Corporate America, Financial Institutions, the  private sector.

In The Hamptons, business associates of mine includes:

  • Forbes 400 Leslie Alexander, owner of the NBA Houston Rockets
  • Beau Hulse, CEO of Beau Hulse Realty Group, Inc.

www.HulseRealty.com & former co- owner of

www.coldwellbankerhamptons.com in Southampton

  • Dan Gualtieri, CEO of Hamptons Mortgage Corporation in East

Hampton www.hamptonsmortgage.com

  • Gerry Wawryk, owner of Spinnakers Restaurant in Sag Harbor and
  • Michael Daly, owner of True North Realty Associates in North Haven

www.beachamptons.com & Blogger of the Hamptons Real Estate

Blog www.thehamptons.wordpress.com

  • Michael Burns, President of Burns Development, Southampton


  • Nancy Mizrahi, Luxury Realtor , Bridgehampton


  • Enzo Morabito, Luxury Realtor, Prudential Douglas Elliman,

Sag Harborwww.EnzoMorabito.com

  • Dolly Lenz, America’s #1 Luxury Realtor with U.S. $7 Billion in

Personal Sales Volume Credited to her annually, the

Hamptons & Manhattan  www.DollyLenz.com

We also arranged mezzanine funding for a $4M Mixed use commercial real

estate enterprise in the Hamptons. I am summering in the Hamptons and

wintering in Palm Beach. I wanted to reach out to you and your associates

as a result of my consulting with several owners in the Hamptons

properties from $4M – $20M+ regarding our 60 day cycle for maximizing

revenue streams & exit strategy platforms. A few of these platforms allows

one to move and act with out being seen or heard. Extremely discreet

platforms are available in the event this is a consideration thru our sealed

bid approach.


Our experience is that the vulture/investor/bulk/wholesale buyers represent

the floor or minimum price per unit. They usually open the bidding and are

ultimately outbid by end users. A portfolio/asset/pie/project will sell for less

bulk at wholesale than in pieces/slices retail direct to the public at auction.

Prices generally range from 70% – 120% +/- depending upon the

market/economy. We just sold special assets properties for Regions Bank

www.regions.com in Henry Ford’s Plantation (Founder of  The Ford Motor

Company) http://www.fordplantation.com/Content/611.htm , in Savannah,

GA & Pensacola Beach, Florida @ auction for 84% of Region Bank’s own


Palm Beach Roots

My family, the Parkmans, Thompson & Just, have held key leadership

rolls with the Weitz Company since 1972 in Des Moines, IA & West Palm

Beach, FL. More recently, Larry Thompson, as Weitz’s lead Super set what I

understand is a 154 year record for the largest singular contract for the

$350M Scripps Research Institute Project, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

http://www.scripps.edu/intro/glance/ .  In 1974 I first sat foot on Florida real

estate on vacation. Then in 1981 I returned to cut my teeth with the Weitz

Co. in 1981 under the tootaledge of Ben Sorenson, Ivan Van Roekel, John

Rodeman, Bob Demers, Jack Duran & Gary Swanson as the Chief Land

Surveyor @ the $80M Abbey Delray South project, Delray Beach, FL (of the

Life Care Retirement Communities which is a not-for-profit organization

and the 5th Largest provider of not-for-profit retirement communities

Nationwide www.lcrc.net ). The Vulcan Co was a recent subsidiary that the

154 year old Weitz Co. ( one of America’s Top 50 General Contractor) had

established in South Florida http://weitz.com/aspx/Build/AboutUs.aspx .

In addition, find attached a History of the Ritz Carlton of Palm Beach

www.ritzcarlton.com . The Ritz franchise is owned by the Marriott

Umbrella www.marriott.com . I meet Bill Marriott, Jr. when he was in Palm

Beach, FL to bid on the Palm Beach International Airport’s concessions

prior to PBIA’s grand opening in 1997 +/-. Bill & I are both LDS (Mormons

www.LDS.org ). Roderick Davies, who is brother-in-law to Governor

Mitt Romney introduced me to Bill www.freestrongamerica.com . Norman

Groh of Norfolk, VA had, acquired the La Coquille Club from Robert Evans

Chairman of The American Motors Corporation ( Mitt Romney’s Father,

George Romney, was also a Chairman of The American Motors Company,

Governor of Michigan, US. Secretary of HUD and a candidate for the Office

of President of the United States

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_W._Romney ). (La Coquille was

originally founded by Spelman Prentice, a grandson of John D. Rockefeller,

Sr. in 1954). A biz assoc & friend of mine, Pete Bryce of the Bryce Mountain

Resort in VA www.bryceresort.com , was then the manager of La Coquille

and used to throw a junior Senator from Massachusetts in his Cadillac and

take him to the Kennedy Compound – JFK; Then the Massachusetts

Governor was Gov. Endicott (Chub) Peabody who’s Mother was Mary

Parkman Peabody).  Norman had approached me, while I was the AVP of

Anthony DeBartolo’s – DeBartolo Financial Services

www.debartoloholdings.com , to fund the ADC mini perm funding for the La

Coquille tear down. Norm was thin on resume and financial statement and

ultimately flipped it to Mel Simon www.simon.com . Mel Joint Ventured with

Shimizu and the Ritz went under construction. Mel hired The Weitz

Company (America’s Top 25 GC) to build the Ritz Carlton. My Father,

Richard D. Parkman, was the Quality Control Superintendent for the $100M

project as well as the Plaza del Mar luxury retail/commercial project directly

across A-1-A from the Ritz. I was an Asst. Super @ the Plaza del Mar

www.manalapan.org/321677.html . Over the past 2 years my Father was

once again called out of retirement to be the QCS @ the Ritz for the

Architectural firm responsible for the $20M facelift and expansion.

My Brother, Steven T. Parkman, was the Super @ The Breakers Palm Beach

remodel for $20M with the Weitz Co www.thebreakers.com .

Mark Parkman, my brother, summered in South Florida and cut his teeth

with the Weitz Co. Then he returned to the Chicago area to develop 3

planned unit developments PUDS, 2,000 acres of AG lands, was the Young

Entrepreneur of the Year and launched Parkman Excavating, Inc.

Further, I served as AVP of the VLP Corporation with it’s partners Harry

Elrod, CC Crump of General Development Corp. (GDC) and George Bolton

(CEO of Biscayne Engineering – the 111 year old Miami firm –

http://www.biscayneengineering.com/bio-bolton.html – Engineers of the

15,000 acre City of Weston, FL, Carnival Center for the Performing Arts,

Star Island & Miami Beach – Clients include: U.S. President Richard Nixon,

Howard Hughes, Arthur Vining Davis/ARVIDA/JMB Partners, Mackle

Brothers, Deltona & General Development Corporation

http://www.biscayneengineering.com/history.html ). The VLP Corporation

completed the site preparations for what has become the Master Mixed Use

Development (MUD) including the: Simon-DeBartolo’s Boynton Beach Mall,

Super WalMart, Best Buy, Super Target, Barnes & Noble, Golden Coral,

Wachovia Bank, Long Horn Steak House, Circuit City, Panera’s Breads,

Steak & Shake & Movie Co’s 20 Plex Theaters on behalf of Ernest Klatt &

Bill Winchester (the land owners).

Ironically, 10 years later Frank Mackle, III became my auction client

www.themacklefamilycompany.com . Frank’s

family founded The Mackle Brothers, Deltona Corp and General

Development Corporation

http://themacklecompany.com/femjrstorypublic/00-index.htm .

Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.


USA CEL:  561 …

Blog: www.danielparkman.wordpress.com


The Calhoun Mansion, Charleston, SC’s largest Manse





The Calhoun Mansion http://www.calhounmansion.net/ sold 2 weeks prior

to auction. This manse is listed as a National Historic Landmark on the

National Historic Registry. Gedney Howe, III, a prominent lawyer

www.gedneyhowelaw.com and Helen Geer, a Christie’s Great Estates

www.christiesgreatestates.com affiliate commissioned our team to auction

the “Biltmore of Charleston” the largest private residence in Charleston,

South Carolina USA. Ironically, the buyer wished to keep remain

anonymous, however, he was also a prominent lawyer from Washington,

D.C. and our associates/staff had previously auctioned HIS National

Historic Landmark the “ Berry Hill Plantation” in VA. Thus, he was in our

proprietary database and was of course notified of our auction event. So,

one of our past sellers becomes one of our present buyers ! Surprisingly

enough, this actually happens frequently.  Further, as one can see

DISCETION is easily administered / observed.







The 24,000 square foot Calhoun Mansion, built in 1886, was owned by the

Vice President of the United States John C. Calhoun’s grandson Patrick

Calhoun. It has 35 rooms, grand ballroom, Japanese water gardens, 16

fireplaces, 20 seat dining room table, 75 foot high domed ceiling, khoi

pond, fountains, private elevator, 3 levels of piazzas, 11 chandeliers, 45

foot glass skylight, 14 foot high ceilings and 5 stories including the

basement and the 90 foot cupola overlooking the Charleston Harbor. It has

been featured in the movie “Notebook” staring James Garner, Forbes,

A&E’s American Castles, HGTV Fantasy Open House, ABC’s The View,

CNN, Associated Press, Bloomberg News, Architectural Digest, Wall Street

Journal and Robb Reports 21 Gifts for the 21st Century. Also the TV mini-

series North & South starring Elizabeth Taylor, Kirsti Alley, Patrick Swayze,

Hal Holbrook, Lloyd Bridges, Gene Kelly, Robert Mitchum and Johnny



John C. Calhoun was Vice President under both Presidents John Quincy

Adams & Andrew Jackson. Patrick Calhoun lived in New York, Atlanta,

Cleveland, Charleston, and San Francisco. He owned 50,000 acres in

Calhoun Falls, SC, utilities in Pittsburg & Philadelphia, oil fields in Texas,

started the Trolley System in San Francisco, Rail Road systems across

America, coal mines in Kentucky. He was associated with John D.

Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan. Christie’s Great Estates

www.christiesgreatestates.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Christie’s,

the world’s largest auction house www.christies.com .

My charitable causes/passions include: Gary Player’s South African Youth

Programs www.garyplayer.com , The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day

Saints www.lds.org (member since 1986) & James Makawa’s The Africa

Channel (TAC) www.theafricachannel.com/aboutus.php . James was a NBC

TV Correspondent. NBA Houston Rocket’s Dikembe Mutumbo is a partner

& investor of TAC having wrote the first check for U.S. $10M. Mutumbo,

Bono & Angelina Jolie continue to rally together for African causes. Weller

Grossman, TAC’s Executive Producer, also produced National

Geographics. TAC, which covers the 53 Countries with the African

Continent, launched in August 2005 with TAC Investor/Partner, former U.N.

Ambassador & Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young as Chairman of the Board of

TAC. Jacob Arback, former VP of Direct TV, is a partner @ TAC. I attended

the launch of TAC in Washington, D.C. with James who I have been friends

with for over 30 years. Of course, the Houston Rockets are owned by

Forbes 400 Southamptonite & Bocaite Leslie Alexander, an auction client of


Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.


USA CEL:  561 …

BLOG: www.danielparkman.wordpress.com



















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I love your site. Keep it up !

  dmparkman wrote @

thanks for the comment….how might I assist you ?

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  rommen semeniuk wrote @

Hello Daniel — I am working at North Coast Realty with John Bommarito — we have a client interested in the Maimon property (Guzmancito) and would like to se it in a couple of weeks.

Please contact us ASAP to confirm details. Thanks.

  dmparkman wrote @


Not familiar with said property.


  Karl Dönitz – wir machen weiter wrote @

THX for “LIKE” Karl Dönitz http://grossadmiral1karl1doenitz.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/hitlers-helfer-karl-donitz-der-nachfolger-16/

We struggle for the same.

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search box: Ron Paul, MTV, popcorn, depleted uranium, suv, micro, lrad, monsanto, guillotines, egg, milk, water, silver, cereal, ibm, fluoride, farm, garden, mel,

jesse, jones, beck, bush, clinton, obama, deception,rex, NASA, jfk ss, nwo,

cfr, tri,ill, nau, nais, echelon, haarp, un, us, fiat, fda, ama, ada, tooth,


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